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Spin Credits are ONLY 50¢ each!

  • 'Spin Credits' are used to place your Squares.

Place your


  • Spin Credits only 50¢ each!
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Unlimited Squares
  • Add Links FREE
  • Add Descriptions FREE
  • Add a Promo Page FREE
  • Promote your Product, Service, Logo, Cause, Event, Social Media, or Anything else!*
  • Multiple squares for larger images to attract attention

to enter


  • Giveaways of every product on our site
  • Countdown begins once grid is filled
  • Enter with friends
  • LIVE drawings for every giveaway!
  • All products are new!
  • Only highly-rated products
  • Prizes processed within 24 hours
  • Entrants will receive an email once the countdown begins. Watch the drawings live!

How to get


  • Email us your social media post about
    You can do this once per week!
  • Testimonial
    Email us a single testimonial that we can share
  • Create your first square
    Create a Square in "My Account"
  • Send us a pic of you with your prize
    Email us a picture if you've won!


Once a grid fills with squares, the countdown will begin. A square will be chosen at random, LIVE, when the countdown reaches 0:00!

You'll receive an email once the grid fills up. Drawings occur 60 minutes after the grid fills. We do this so everyone has a chance to watch the drawing live. We may change this to be sooner if that's what the our users want. We want to make you happy and make sure you have a lot of fun!

Once a winner is selected, a new giveaway for that product will begin immediately. We keep products on the site as long as our users show interest in them.

You can view a history of winners for any product beneath the grid or on the "Winners" page.

The Squares...

Everyone has something they love and would like to promote. Whether it be your business, a friends business, a cause, or anything else. We want to give you a good bang-for-your-buck! You get unlimited clicks on your square free, a promo page free, and a chance to win something awesome...all for $1.

The Giveaways...

Transparency! By showing everything that's going on, users can feel much more comfortable that they're not being cheated in any way, shape, or form. This is extremely important to us and we want everyone to know that we have our users' interests in mind 100% of the time! We are a private company out of California and we just want our users to be happy and have fun...that is our mission!

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*User content must comply with our zero tolerance of inappropriate content policy. Click here for details.

**Social media posts must be at least one full week apart in days (7 days). Referred friends must be over the age of 18 and legal residents of the 50 United states and the District of Columbia. 2 free credits for a testimonial may be obtained once only per user account. 2 free credits for creating your first square may be obtained once only per user account for the first square created, no additional square creation will be eligible for free credits. Any time you win a prize you may obtain two free credits by emailing us an image of you with your prize. Images will be used publicly as per the terms of use of this website. All free credit promotions are subject to cancellation at any time without notice.

Free credits are always used first whether or not you have purchased spin credits in your account. Free credits may not be used to place your own square and instead use a default square, however they will still enter you into a drawing once placed if you have “always enter me into a giveaway when I place a square” enabled in your account settings located in “my account”.