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Use Spins to Enter Giveaways

For every Promo Credit you use, you'll receive a FREE Spin. Use your Spins to enter giveaways for your favorite products. Promo Credits are ONLY 50¢ each!

  • 'Promo Credits' are used to place your customized squares.
  • 'Spin Credits' are used to enter 'Spin' Giveaways!
  • For each 'Promo Credit' you use, you'll receive a free 'Spin Credit' activated into your account.

SpinClicks FAQs

Promo Squares FAQs

What can I promote or advertise?

You can promote or advertise anything* from your business, product, service, cause, or yourself! As long as it does not violate our zero tolerance policy of inappropriate content, you can promote anything you'd like.

*User content must comply with our zero tolerance of inappropriate content policy. Click here for details.

What happens if I violate the inappropriate content policy?

You will be banned from the site forever. We want clean content for everyone to enjoy. Please be kind and courteous to your fellow users, and yourselves. Just use good judgment and everyone will be happy!

How many Promo Squares can I place on a particular listing?

As many as you'd like! If spots are available, you can place a Promo Square on them. We encourage creativity! Try different squares and promo page combinations to see what works best for you. You can use the information to learn more about potential customers! Some squares may be clicked more than others and we want to help you test your market. SpinClicks has been designed to help small business test their advertising at an affordable rate, so use it!

How much do ad packages cost?

Ad packages start at just $10.00. See the complete pricing guide here.

Is there a per-click premium or fee when someone clicks on my Promo Square?

No! You only pay to place your Promo Square, there are no additional fees. We do our best to keep the cost affordable to help you gain the most exposure possible.

How long do the ads stay posted on listing pages?

Once all ad spots are filled on a listing page grid, the completely filled grid will stay up for 24 hours. After this period, the grid will reset to new (empty) spots. Any time before the ad spots fill up completely is extra promo time, so get in early! If you’re the first one to place an ad, and the grid takes 1 week to fill up, you get one week’s worth of visibility, clickability, and exposure at no extra cost! Get noticed early!

Can I edit an ad after I have placed it?

Yes. Simply click the "edit" icon on any of your squares to edit them. The "edit" icon is only displayed if you are logged into your account. If you have linked a promo page to a square, the promo page will remain in that spot even if you switch squares.

How many Promo Squares can I create?

You can create as many as you wish. You can manage your squares in your spot library. There you can add, delete, and edit all of your squares. You can also view all of your current and past ad placements on the "Spot Placements" tab.

Note: All ads can be placed upon creation, however ads cannot be viewed by others until verified by our content review team. We do this to prevent inappropriate content. Ads are usually verified within a couple of hours after creation but may take longer depending on volume at any given time. We go as fast as we can, 24/7!

How many accounts can I have?

Each user may have only one account. A violation of this policy will result in a permanent ban of the site.

Is there an age requirement to join Spin Clicks?

You must be at least 18 to become a member of SpinClicks. We're working as fast as we can to expand our site in every way possible.

What are "Promo Pages"?

"Promo Pages" are basically customized promotional boards that you can use to instantly share your content with other users once they click one of your squares. If a person clicks one of your "Promo Squares", the "Promo Page" will open. You can use these pages to provide pictures, text, coupons, links, brand recognition or other content you'd like to share or promote. "Promo Pages" provide an instant message to users, so make sure you put your most relevant content on these pages...they work well!

Another reason that these pages are so great is because if a user links to your site from your "Promo Page", that means they're interested in the content of your page! This is great for small businesses to learn more about their own advertising as well as potential customers. Use the Promo Pages to learn as much as you can!

How many "Promo Pages" can I create?

You can create as many as you want. You can mix and match with your squares as well! It's a good idea to try different variations!

Giveaway FAQs

How do I find "Spin" giveaways?

"Spins" for any particular item can be found at the bottom of the item's listing page beneath the ad grid. There, you can view giveaways that are currently open to enter as well as upcoming giveaways for that particular item.

What are "Spin Credits"?

Spin Credits are used to enter ANY open "Spin".

How do I enter a "Spin" giveaway?

You can enter ANY giveaway with "Spin Credits" by simply placing a square on the Spin Grid.

How many Spin credits does it take to enter a Spin giveaway?

All Spin giveaways require only two (2) Spin Credits for each individual entry.

How many times can I enter a Spin Giveaway?

You can enter a Spin as many times as you want as long as entries are available.

Do Promo credits or Spin credits expire?

Nope, all credits have no expiration period!

Why are there a limited number of entries for each giveaway?

We have decided that instead of giving away a large number of items to a large pool of entrants, it would be a little more fun and exciting if we broke the process down into smaller giveaways. For example, instead of giving away 100 pair of sunglasses to 10,000 entrants, which is 1 pair per 100 entrants, we would create 100 giveaways with 100 entrants each. We sincerely hope you agree that this method is much more fun!

Where do the prizes come from?

We use Amazon for most of our prize fulfillment. We also carry inventory and in such an event we fulfill these prizes directly.

What happens after I win a prize?

If you have won a prize, you will receive an email notification. Once you have received the email notification, you will need to login into your account and complete the "Winners Affidavit". This form is used to confirm and verify your identity and eligibility. The "Winners Affidavit" must be completed within forty eight (48) hours from the time the email was sent to you. Once the affidavit is complete, we will ship your prize to the address on file. It is very important to keep your shipping address current.

Do I have to pay anything to receive a prize that I have won?

Nope! If you are the winner of a "Spin" giveaway, we will pay any sales tax and standard shipping costs* associated with the delivery of your prize. If you opt for a gift card instead of the actual prize, the gift card will be for the ARV (Approximate Retail Value) of the item you have won not including sales tax and shipping...and the gift card will of course be delivered free. ARV information is located toward the top of every "Spin Page". Please note it is very important that your user profile is always current and up to date!

* Winners are responsible for any local, state, and federal income taxes that apply.

What happens if an item I have won is out of stock?

We try to list items that have constant supply, but in the event that an item you have won is out of stock, we will send you an Amazon Gift Card for the ARV (Approximate Market Value) of the prize you have won (gift cards do not include sales tax or shipping). You can wait to buy the item once it's back in stock or use the gift card at Amazon for a different item of your choice!

Do I have to pay income taxes on prizes that I have won?

We all have to pay our taxes! If you win an item, you'll need to complete a "Winners Affidavit". You are responsible to pay any applicable local, state and federal income taxes on any prizes won. If a user wins prizes valued at $600.00 (Six Hundred Dollars) or more in any single calendar year, the user will be required to complete a "Winners Affidavit" which includes form "W-9" information. We are legally required to submit, file, and send you a form 1099 for that calendar year. See the Official Rules here. But don't worry, it's not as complicated as it sounds and only takes a couple of minutes!

Company FAQs

Where does SpinClicks get it's products?

We are an affiliate based site. The majority of the products in our catalog come from Amazon, however we do have mulitple affiliates. We've chosen Amazon as our primary affiliate because of their excellent business practices, overall user experience, and support system. We are not partnered with Amazon or any of our affliates.

How does SpinClicks make money?

As an affiliate site, we earn a commission when a user purchases items from Amazon or any of our affiliates by linking to them through our site. If you see items you love on our site and decide to buy them by clicking our “Buy Now” links, we earn a commission. This is very helpful for us and we really appreciate the support when you do decide to buy products through our “Buy Now” links!

We earn a small amount from our promo packages but the majority of those funds are used to fund the “Spin” giveaways. Please keep in mind that we buy (for full price plus tax) all the items we giveaway.

How you can support us

If you'd like to support us, please use our “Buy Now” links to purchase items that you like on our site ... it helps greatly and is very much appreciated!

We would also like to make SpinClicks a site that is created by it's users. We often hold “User Votes” when deciding how things should be changed or what new features to add. Your participation in these votes is extremely helpful in assisting us to constantly and consistently make the site better. Any feedback is very much appreciated as well and we value your time and participation. Please let us know what we can do better to make your experience as great and pleasant as possible! Thank you for using our site!

- SpinClicks Staff