About SpinClicks

What is SpinClicks?

SpinClicks is an exciting online marketplace providing a curated and comprehensive catalog of the hottest, top trending products currently available on the web. In addition, SpinClicks is a fun and affordable site which provides users the ability to promote and advertise their products, services, startups, blogs or whatever else they'd like on our product listing pages.* Users can create customized ads called "Squares" and post them on any of our product listing ad spots. "Squares" can be linked to customizable "Promo Pages" where you can further describe your product or service and directly engage your potential customers. "Promo Pages" are a great tool to drive traffic to your site by offering free trials, discounts, coupons, incentives and other great content. As a fun and added feature for our users, we conduct promotional giveaways of ALL the products within our catalog!

SpinClicks was originally created as a marketplace where startups and bloggers could come to advertise in their early stages. Startups and online businesses like us are constantly looking for exposure and lead generation while bloggers are looking for great content to blog about. Our goal is to bring us all together to have fun while we do it!

Our sincere hope is that we provide an excellent experience for all of our users. We welcome and greatly appreciate an recommendations to improve our site. Please feel free to leave feedback any time using the link below. Thank you for your business! -SpinClicks Staff


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